He’s mastered the ability to pen catchy hooks and deliver an array of flows and cadences   -Juss Russ Radio


What Benjamin Ken demonstrates through his duality, is the powerful dexterity of his songwriting. He proves proficient in crafting slow-burning, alt-R&B records for the ladies; while, likewise, giving fellas a list of bangers to ride to.  The moment he hits the mainstream, in all of his impressive versatility, Benjamin Ken could be following in the same footsteps as hip hop’s greats.


Hailing from the same state as Hip Hop heavy hitters like J. Cole, Phonte, and Rapsody, comes to the North Carolina’s new hope, Benjamin Ken. Coming from the struggle, his music is original, as well as personal enough to spark the interest and respect of his growing fanbase. According to Benjamin Ken, “I think about how going backward is not an option. I want to achieve success so I can give my family and my team the life they deserve.” Which is why Benjamin Ken is on the brink of success, matching impeccable work ethic with professionalism


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